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Multiple Link-Related Fixes For mASF

8 July, 2010 (15:40) | News, Technical | By: formhandle

Recently, I optimized the titles on posts so that bookmarks & browser tabs would be easier to discern. In the past 2 days, 2 additional features & fixes were added:

  • Permalinks are now integrated into posts and can be easily bookmarked. If your browser doesn’t automatically name the bookmark with the title of the post being bookmarked, remember to do that yourself.
  • Old bookmark links which no longer point to valid URLs (most live forum posts get placed into the archive after 2-3 months & removed from the live forum) will now lead to the appropriate article so long as it exists & can be found in either in the live forum or in the archive. This will be the case either with the Permalinks or bookmarks on the raw URL of posts/threads. Try to stick to the Permalinks, though, they’re safer and more reliable.

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